The Digitel Cloud Solution

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Group Chat

A virtual conference room for collaboration. Send instant messages and files.

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Call Center

Optimize operations and handle a high volume of calls to enhance customer experience.

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Start a conference call and collaborate with a simple click.

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IP Phones

Mix and match sets. Easy to install and operate whilst working together seamlessly.

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Call Recording

Selectively and automatically record specific calls for all or some users.

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Send and receive fax messages straight from the application, no need for a machine.

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Video Calling

Host a video call with multiple parties, bringing remote teams together.

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Visual Voicemail

Eliminate the time-consuming process of listening to voicemail messages.

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Presence & Instant Messaging. Easy way to get a hold of colleagues.

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Thinking About Moving to “Digitel Cloud”?

Here's 12 Excellent Reasons to make the move!

  1. Service Response: access is 24/7 from anywhere and eliminates on site visits, this drastically improves response time

  2. Software Upgrades: upgrades are performed after hours and are scheduled with each new release; your voice services will always be current

  3. Hardware and Software Environment: our software runs in a High Availability VMWare environment, this allows us to move from the primary site to the secondary site at any time, providing a redundant environment. hardware is maintained by Digitel and is a part of the Cloud service

  4. Firewall: Digitel maintains the firewall at the Cloud software site

  5. Backup Power: Cloud site is covered 24/7

  6. Hi-Speed Access: at the Cloud location is maintained as part of the service, we also provide redundant connections to preserve uptime

  7. Backups: are taken daily, this is another level of protection beyond the VMWare High Availability environment

  8. Peace of Mind and Security: we monitor 24x7

  9. Flexibility: our licensing is per user, load the software on up to 4 devices per user, all desktop clients include a softphone providing mobility to any hi-speed environment

  10. Text Enablement: your telephone numbers can be text enabled in Digitel Cloud, for enhanced customer interactions and improved customer engagement

  11. Work Location Flexibility: take your desk phone/laptop/tablet to another location, like a home office or on the road when travelling and continue working seamlessly

  12. Cost Effective Growth: no hardware upgrades needed, ever again, no matter how fast your business grows Digitel Cloud keeps pace with your growing enterprise