The Desktop Application

Your phone system on your desktop! ZAC's collaboration tools include voice, video, file and image sharing, and messaging, which allow employees to increase productivity and collaboration.

The Mobile App

Mobile ZAC provides access to your business phone system even when you're on the go. Keep mobile and moving with all ZAC's features available at your fingertips.

The Easily Accessed Web Browser Solution

Use ZAC application on any web browser! A solution that gives you access to your phone system from anywhere in the world, with no downloads and on any OS.

Collaboration and communication across all your devices, from mobile to desktop.

Group Chat

ZAC's Group Chat feature is a virtual conference room for collaboration. Teammates can send secure instant messages between each other using the ZAC desktop application, Web ZAC, or Mobile ZAC. It's an easy-to-use method of communication between teams, regardless of their physical location.

File & Image Sharing

Users can post files and images in ZAC. Utilize this tool to easily share documents and proposals, keeping your team focused and on task. Create groups of team members and ensure that everyone gets the important information they need at the same time.

Conference Calling

With a simple click, any team member can start a conference call, and employees can freely jump on and off the call at their convenience, allowing team members to share ideas and proposals and review tasks, all within one UC solution.

Multi-Party Video Conferencing

For a more personalized experience, users can host a video call with multiple teammates, bringing remote teams together for increased collaboration. Zultys can enable multi-party video for customers on request as well.