About Digitel

Digitel delivers voice services to a wide range of companies in North America. The company implements strategies and customize solutions that are specific to their customer's requirements for Unified Communications, this includes:

  • Business phone services, unlimited access to dial tone (lines)
  • Audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Phone numbers, local and 800

Security is a big part of what we do. Protection of our environment is a 24/7. This is a summary of our security services:

  • We use password management and 2 Factor Authorization to all access points of our network
  • We deploy 50-character passwords and change them frequently

Network Monitoring

  • Each customer is monitored 24/7 and provides instant notification when a change in the environment is determined

Keeping the Network Running

  • The North American Wide Area Network is comprised of thousands of carriers, each delivering service to their geographical footprint and then interconnecting to others to provide worldwide service. Digitel provides every customer with,
  • Access (instant and automatic) to 2 carriers 24/7.
  • Access to 2 data centers in Canada, each data center offering a high availability VMWare environment, back up and replication for each customer in the designated secondary data center, this information is taken and stored hourly
  • Access to 2 carriers and 2 switching locations provides further redundancy
  • Built into each customer is preprogrammed phone numbers to route traffic in the event of an outage, this service ensure that you still get your phone calls

For more information call the President, Jerry McKenzie at 604-231-0160 or email customercare@digitel.ca