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The owners and staff of Digitel Systems Inc. believe that it is important for an organization to give back to the community. Over the years, we have provided financial support for various charities around the Vancouver Lower Mainland. In many cases it seemed that we were contributing but not really seeing the actual benefits to our efforts. Through our day to day business, we have been a supporter of Quest Food Exchange ( by supplying telephone equipment and services to their organization. Quest has a great business plan to provide extremely affordable food to low income individuals.

Better Days Society

Stephanie In 2004, we saw an opportunity to help a young child who was struggling with a very challenging level of epilepsy. Due to the full time care required for this young girl, her parents were put in a position of financial hardship. Adding to this, was the fact that traditional treatment methods did not seem to be helping her. As the family continually researched the medical treatments available, they found a doctor who specialized in acupuncture and homeopathic treatments for neurological conditions. Unfortunately, for the family, the provincial health care system did not cover this treatment. The owners of Digitel, and a few other local business associates, started Better Days Society to raise money to try to bring "better days" for this family by funding the non-traditional treatments.

Ella Since then, we have helped many other children and their families that are under financial strain due to a sick child in the home. Currently, one of our key benefactors is a young girl and her dad (a single parent) – the young girl was born with a rare form of skin cancer and she has had over 13 surgeries (skin grafts) prior to her 5th birthday. Needless to say, she requires full time care. This has placed the family under severe financial strain. Better Days Society has assisted with monthly contributions to a trust fund set up to help pay the family’s day to day bills.

We look forward to finding other worthy families that we can assist through the society. Better Days Society is a Canadian registered charity. For more details, please click on the picture above to go to the Society’s website.

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