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Our Disaster Recovery Story

Snow Storm Jams Roadways – Still Had The Office Open On Time!

Once the residents of Vancouver, BC were hit with a big snow storm. For those that don't know our climate, our winters are typically rain, and we are not well equipped to handle snow. As expected, navigating our roads was near impossible, but this is how we were able to open for business on time.

One of our senior technicians started for work that morning and very quickly understood that he would spend most of his morning in traffic congestion if he continued. So, he returned home and used his laptop and Zultys MXIE software as a "softphone". He easily added himself as a member of our Service Call Group and was immediately able to start taking customer service calls. Our Manager of Technical Services encountered the same predicament, and reacted exactly the same way as our senior technician. However, he also joined the Main Operator Group, so that he could also take inbound callers to our main phone number.

One of our Customer Service staff works with a desktop, so she did not have a laptop preloaded with the Zultys MXIE application. However, we were able to take over control of her home PC to download and set up the application (using our MxMeeting product). She then, bound her MXIE application to her home phone line and logged into the Customer Service Group as well.

The result was that prior to our 8:30 a.m. opening, we had three people in place ready and able to take incoming calls on both our main lines and our direct customer service lines. Needless to say, the stress of the bad weather completely disappeared knowing that we were able to effectively communicate with our clients.

There are not many products out there that would have been able to provide this fast, and comprehensive reaction with such easy. This is just another of many reasons to consider our Zultys business telephone solutions.

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