Increase Business Productivity

When Digitel started in 1984, we were selling computerized telephone systems to replace existing mechanical-type telephone systems sold by the incumbent telephone companies. In many cases, the key sales criteria revolved around more features for less cost. Since then the marketplace has had a fairly slow evolution. A few years later, voicemail systems were introduced. In the late 80's, some manufacturers started to develop products that allow for voice and data convergence. Manufacturers also moved to digital-based telephone system products – however, not many people could really tell anyone the benefits to the end user. During that time, digital forms of dial tone were introduced for larger organizations. Eventually, many of the features that were available to larger organizations became cost effective for smaller organizations to implement. However, for the most part, voice and data remained separate networks, with the voice products remaining very proprietary in design.

Then, one technology started to emerge that both voice and data manufacturers could standardize on ... IP (TCP/IP, VoIP, SIP, etc). This standardization was the true start to Voice & Data convergence. With convergence came an accelerated development of applications that would benefit from this technology. Accordingly, the industry change is now occurring at a much fast rate than ever experienced in the past!

Digitel got involved in the VoIP marketplace early in the game, as one of its key manufacturers – Mitel, was an early adapter to moving their products being IP-based. Once the new applications started to emerge, Digitel now spends more time discussing our client's overall operational processes, and reviewing all connectivity bills (cellular, dial tone, long distance, internet/broadband) with the intent on finding applications that increase Productivity.

Now, more than ever, our clients are trying to do more with less staff. In order to accomplish this goal, they need to provide their staff with tools that allow them to handle their daily duties efficiently and effectively.

Productivity Applications