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Competitive Market

With the convergence of voice and data, including the development of VoIP and SIP, many new products and services are introduced to the marketplace. The good news is that this competitive market environment keeps the key players on their toes, in product development, product support and pricing. The downside to so many entrants is the number of "hot products of the day", many being developed in some start up venture... products that appear to be a great deal, but quickly turn into a regrettable purchase. Digitel uses a product selection process, that considers these factors resulting in a product portfolio which avoids these "here today, gone tomorrow" scenarios.

There is no need to latch on to a big brand name, which is usually a premium price decision, in order to get the quality, reliability and long term support that should be expected in a selecting a communications system. It is our belief that Great Value is the key to our products and services. That is the target we shoot for on every opportunity!

Digitel believes that education is important to the long term success of our employees… and therefore our company! For that reason, Digitel joined TAG (Technology Assurance Group), an international organization representing over 100 other members in our industry. The main goal of TAG is to teach best practices for our industry. We send staff regularly to TAG training sessions and web training sessions. TAG also assists in product reviews, group purchasing and follow up to assist us with accessing great products at great prices.

Again, with more than 35 years of business and long term relationships with its clients and suppliers. Our practices and philosophies have gotten us to this point – throughout many competitive market environments!

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