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Work as Usual, Even from Home

October 8th, 2018 by admin

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Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly clear that companies need to offer remote working conditions and mobility solutions to keep employees productive and happy. That means having access to communications and applications from alternative devices and locations. We offer a range of cloud services that make mobile collaboration easy!

Sometimes team members are spread across multiple offices. Instead of having to invest in an expensive phone system, you can connect everyone seamlessly through a Hosted PBX solution. Calls run through VoIP have excellent quality and are easy to scale to your current and future needs. The added bonus? VoIP lets you connect from wherever you are, instead of being tied to a specific desk and phone.

For example, let’s say that John gets to skip the long commute on Fridays and work from home. Thanks to the cloud solutions, he’s able to work as usual. He can easily access his work materials and stay reachable through his typical phone extension and email address. He can listen to his voicemails remotely by dialing in or forwarding them to his email. When he has a question, John sends a quick message to Fred in marketing, who answers briefly while he’s in a phone conference. If John’s internet connection is randomly down, he can take all his work back to the office or find a nice café for a few hours. The goal? Mobility and flexibility to keep team members productive no matter where they work.

Want to learn more about Digitel Cloud Services? Read about our range of solutions or request a quote for specific information. We’re here to help you create a mobile workforce!

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