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Presence Management

December 21st, 2012 by admin

Digitel is now offering the newest and greatest communications technology. This technology, called Presence Management, allows the individuals in the company to see what everyone else is doing in the workplace. From this information one can determine how the best way to get in contact with another person. By having this technology it will dramatically increase productivity of the company.

This Presence Management is driven off of the company's voice and data system and it enables people to control every aspect of their communications. It functions on all devices like computers, cell phones and VoIP. This technology allows you to see the presence of others and send emails and voice mails, receive faxes, control all your phone calls via desktop phones or a soft phone, send secure Instant Messages and voice messages, launch a collaborative web conference session – all with a single mouse click. A user may also attach a note for everyone to see. This technology will streamline any business by showing who is available at any given time and increasing the speed of communications within a company. Presence management will save you time and money all the while driving up your customer satisfaction rating with lightning speed communications.

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