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Know your IT Threats

July 12th, 2017 by admin


The past few months have proven difficult for the IT world, with ransomware and other cyber threats finding security holes and vulnerabilities in software to attack whole networks. Businesses and institutions across the globe have had to fight these threats and try to secure their data before it takes down their system. You may have recently seen reports on the news discussing recent IT attacks and malware prevention measures. These specials aim to inform and help protect users from inadvertently spreading threats or falling into cyber traps. We also been recently shared information about the ransomware attacks around the globe, but there's always more to learn. Do you understand the different types of threats and how they spread?

A common threat to the average user is malware, which aims to "disrupt or disable computers or networks. It can take the form of a virus or a worm". In contrast, a virus is spread by "sending emails, sharing files, downloading an infected file or inserting a USB stick" into an infected machine. It can cause your computer to malfunction – like having annoying popups blocking your screen. The danger with them is how they corrupt data and put it at risk for being stolen.

Worms, in contrast to viruses, spread on their own throughout the network, but can be equally damaging to the inner workings of your PC and network. Then there is phishing, which steals sensitive data, such as financial, healthcare, or personal information – sometimes leading to identity theft. The threat you've probably heard the most about recently though is ransomware, where hackers use vulnerabilities in your software to capture your data and lock it up. Then they hold it ransom, leaving you in a difficult situation and compromising the security of that data.

Digitel Systems can help you to understand and protect your system against threats like the ones we've described. Don't wait for an attack on your IT! Talk to your trusted advisers today.

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