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Keeping Your Data Secure

January 11th, 2017 by admin

We all have a few stories about harsh winter weather or having to keep the office closed after a storm. Power outages and bad weather aren't the only ways that businesses can experience disastrous data loss, leading to lost business and valuable time lost. Human-induced disasters or equipment failure can lead to days of damage control and chaos, especially if data storage units are destroyed. Nowadays, employees are storing data and communications on multiple devices, across PCs, servers, and smartphones. With a cloud connection set up to store all of that data safely, you are ensuring that everything is backed up and secure. The system is built to protect the data from potential hackers and to keep your sensitive data secure. By storing your data off-site, you reduce the costs of storage on-site, while benefiting from easy recovery after a disaster. This saves you money as you quickly get back to work and customers. Learn more...

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