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How to get your business as productive as your phone system

May 18th, 2015 by admin

A phone system is one the last things you think about in regards to increasing your businesses’ productivity however here at Digitel, we want to make sure that our phone systems are working overtime so you don’t have to. Some of the wonderful productivity applications that we offer are first call resolution apps. These applications allow for the ever demanding workforce that allows people to be more mobile and on the go. This means that when you clients call your office internally, your office phone can automatically ring directly to your cell phone. In addition to this when employees work from home or are constantly travelling it allows them to be able to be connected to the office and operate like they were there in their office chair. Another application that we offer that will help your business increase their productivity is our Unified Communication app. This app allows you to get access to voicemail and faxes directly instead of having to call in to the office. With a combination of email and instant messaging, you can now listen to voicemails over your email and you can communicate via IM when a live phone conversation isn’t possible. For a complete list of all the wonderful applications that can help your business increase its productivity please visit

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