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Connectivity with Shaw Business Solutions

December 12th, 2017 by admin

Shaw Business

You could spend weeks learning about the details of the industry, comparing and contrasting every possible IT application and system, just to save a few dollars for your business. However, sometimes you just need simple and effective solutions so you can get back to focusing on your work. Every business and team has its own specialty, at Digitel our job is ensuring that you’re getting the best prices and IT services for your business.

We work closely with leading service providers to offer cost-effective connectivity for your business, one of our trusted partners is Shaw Business. From their business phone basic plan to the advanced primary rate interface (PRI) system, we can find the right package for a reliable and good quality connection - especially important for your internet package. You can choose from a range of options starting with 80GB of data a month, an unlimited commercial solution, or even the high-speed Shaw Fiber Gateway package.

Whether you’re a small company with limited requirements or a large enterprise that doesn’t want to spend too much on operations, Digitel can help make it easy. Our team can review your current and upcoming needs and match you with the best combination of services. Our goal is to identify the solutions that will help your business succeed.

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